Autonomy Mobility World Expo 2024

Enabling Seamless EV Fleet Adoption: Predictive Charging and Infrastructure Optimization

Mar 20, 2024 | 10:00 AM CET - 10:15 AM CET


The adoption of (mass) electric vehicles (EVs) in fleets faces a critical obstacle in the form of complex (re)charging tasks. With substantial investments on the infrastructure side, the transformation of fleets has commenced, revealing a growing disparity between demand and supply. This disjunction is rooted in spatial and temporal issues related to the availability and location of charging stations. Predictive Charging, characterized by intelligence, and Charging as a Service, representing execution, synergize to create efficiency. This combination eliminates constraints, making costs more feasible and enabling compelling business cases for fleet providers. Illustrated by the collaboration between ELOOP, Wien Energie, and Ubiq, Predictive Charging is a solution. Charging infrastructure optimization expands on this theme, addressing the challenges posed by the disbalance of charging infrastructure. Visualizing the hot and cold zones in city infrastructure, Wien Energie and Ubiq collaboratively tackle this issue. Through rerouting charging transactions and optimizing utilization, the initiative promises higher effective bandwidth for charging in cities, leading to happier citizens finding available charging stations, improved return on investment for infrastructure, and lower energy costs for fleet providers. This holistic approach demonstrates a strategic alignment between fleet management and infrastructure optimization in the electric vehicle ecosystem.

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