Autonomy Mobility World Expo 2024

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Take part in the first edition of the Territories & Decarbonised Mobility Award at the Autonomy Mobility World Expo.
Date March 20, 2024 
Venue Paris, Porte de Versailles
Application deadline 20 January 2024

About the AutonomyTerritories & Decarbonised Mobilities Award 2024

The Territories & Decarbonised Mobilities Award is a prestigious competition designed to honor metropolitan areas that have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to sustainable mobility. The award aims to highlight the achievements of areas, cities and regions that have developed innovative and sustainable transport solutions, improving the quality of life of their citizens while contributing to a greener, more connected future. The competition is structured around 6 categories. Each category focuses on a critical aspect of sustainable mobility.

Territories & Decarbonised Mobilities Award
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6 Categories

Award for Inclusive mobility

Award for Transport Data & Innovation

Award for the promotion of new carbon-free transportation systems

Award for Mobility Infrastructure Development

Award for the decarbonization of last mile logistics

Award for the decarbonization of Public Fleets

Category Details

Inclusive mobility Award

The prize is awarded to conurbations that stand out for their commitment to inclusiveness, offering optimal accessibility to their public spaces through an exemplary transport network. This contributes directly to social and environmental impact, promoting mobility for the entire population. As such, this category honors initiatives aimed at ensuring that citizens - whether they live far from urban centers, are senior citizens, disabled or simply want to get around conveniently - benefit from equitable access.
#inclusivity #accessibility #egality

Transport innovation Award

The award celebrates cities & regions that have distinguished themselves through their Innovative creativity and vision in the sector of transport. It highlights innovations that are revolutionizing mobility. This category honors communities that have introduced cutting-edge technologies, alternative transportation models or softwares  to improve the efficiency, safety and sustainability of travel, including digital innovations linked to artificial intelligence and data management.
#creativity  #artificialintelligence  #datamanagement

Award for the promotion of new carbon-free transportation systems

This category recognizes cities & regions that stand out for their commitment and communication to more environmentally-friendly modes of transport, and by investing in the electrification, shared mobility and multimodality. This category will examine the scale of the promotion of alternative modes of transport, while observing the tangible benefits resulting from initiatives to promote more sustainable mobility, including communication campaigns to raise awareness and encourage environmentally-friendly travel practices.
#Environmentally-friendlytransport  #Promotion  #Communication&awareness

Award for Mobility Infrastructure Development

This award highlights projects and achievements that promote smoother, safer and more sustainable mobility. This category honors communities that have invested in the construction of roads with car-sharing lanes, bicycle paths, public transport and electric vehicle charging stations and more to better meet the needs of their citizens. These infrastructures are designed to offer sustainable alternatives to the private car, reducing congestion, carbon emissions and journey times. These initiatives play a key role in creating more pleasant, environmentally-friendly communities.
#Infrastructureprojects   #Fluidmobility  #Reducetraffic

Supply chain decarbonization awards

In this category, we salute the efforts to improve the delivery and distribution of goods. This includes initiatives such as optimizing delivery routes, using electric or low-emission vehicles, and innovative delivery solutions such as shared logistics or smart collection points. These approaches reduce congestion, greenhouse gas emissions and delivery costs, while ensuring efficient distribution. 
#Smartcollectingfacilities  #Distributionofgoods  #Delivery

Award for the decarbonization of Public Fleets

In this category, we salute initiatives aimed at transforming public vehicle fleets into models of sustainability. The award highlights achievements in the transition to more environmentally-friendly, low-carbon public fleets, such as electric, hybrid or hydrogen-powered vehicles. These initiatives aim to reduce the carbon footprint of public vehicle fleets, improve air quality and show the way towards more sustainable mobility for citizens. 
#Transformingfleets   #Reducing carbon footprint  #Publicfleets

Who can apply ?

Cities, metropolitan communities, departments, regions... 

Organisations that have developed innovative projects in/for a city or an operator... 

Public transport authorities, Public transport operators, Public institutions involved in co-development mobility projects

Why participate?

Raise your voice: Showcase your innovations and share your entrepreneurial spirit Boost your image: Win the competition, gain visibility, and raise your profile worldwide Increase your media coverage: Increase your visibility with our media network

Selection Criteria 

Environmental impact

Assessment of the impact on carbon emissions reduction, air quality and preservation of the local environment. 

Quality and satisfaction

User satisfaction with our various achievements: punctuality, cleanliness, safety and efficiency. 


Adopting technologies to revolutionize mobility, creating more connected solutions and simplifying life for citizens. 



Secretary General | POLIS Network

Karen Vancluysen was appointed as Secretary General of POLIS in September 2014, after having been the network's Research Director for 8 years. Prior to that, she worked as network manager at ACCESS-Eurocities and as project manager at Langzaam Verkeer, a Belgian centre for mobility management. Since 1998, Karen has been involved in European urban transport networking and policy activities, and EU research and innovation projects covering a wide range of urban mobility topics. She has been a speaker and moderator at many high-level events in Europe and beyond, on a wide range of urban mobility themes approached from the perspective of cities and the governance of innovation. POLIS is the leading European network of cities and regions on urban transport innovation. For over 30 years already, members have been working together to develop and deploy sustainable and innovative urban mobility solutions for the city of today and tomorrow. 


Operations director | Smart City Cluster Spain

European Doctor of Science with training in Business Creation and Management of Innovative Companies from the San Telmo International Institute with 20 years of experience in innovation ecosystems and support for SMEs in their competitive positioning strategy. Since 2016, she has been working at the Smart City Cluster, a national alliance of smart cities industry, where she holds the position of Operations Manager, promoting cooperation between SMEs in the Smart City industry in response to the challenges of cities and territories. She promotes cooperation between SMEs in the Smart City industry in response to the challenges of cities. From the cluster, she has made a strong commitment to lead as a cluster the R+D+i that has to respond to the transformation of cities, having participated in more than forty industrial research and experimental development projects...

Nafissa GOUPIL

Editor in chief | Decisions Durables

I am the Founder and Publisher of D├ęcisions durables, a unique French magazine on sustainability and CSR targeting companies and local authorities. D├ęcisions durables offers to its readers inspiring articles, interviews, investigations to promote positive change in all sectors impacted by the societal, environmental and digital revolutions: mobility, energy, real estate, food, health, etc. I have spent my entire career in the information and communication sector: Kompass International, Dafsa-Primark, then I created and ran a communication agency, Vectorielles, for more than 20 years, with a strong specialization in sustainable development and CSR...