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Decarbonising fleets in both the public and private sectors with a focus on electrification of fleets and the supporting software and charging network needed to radically decarbonise existing combustion fleets.
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New for 2024, Autonomy is launching a much needed Solar & Battery Summit in Paris, which explores how solar energy will provide a truly transformative shift, shaping the future of both sustainable energy and transportation sectors.
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Join Rail Europe at the Sustainable Rail Summit, an exclusive event that brings together industry leaders, innovators, and policymakers from the mobility and rail sector. This summit is dedicated to addressing the pivotal role of rail travel in creating a more sustainable future for European transportation.
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The Autonomy Mobility Innovation Awards has recognised new Innovations enabling transformation in the Mobility sector.
7 winners et 6 catégories

Application deadline : 15/12/2023
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The Autonomy Mobility Startup Challenge recognise and celebrate startups that are bringing new innovations and enabling transformation in the mobility sector. 
7 winners with 6 categories

Application deadline : 22/12/2023
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The Territories & Decarbonised Mobilities Award is a prestigious competition designed to honor metropolitan areas that have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to sustainable mobility.
7 winners with 6 categories 

 Application deadline : 09/02/2024
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7 Tracks on 3 stages 400 Speakers 5000+ Participants

The Autonomy Mobility Conference gathers leading innovators and policymakers to discuss cutting-edge transportation solutions. This dynamic session explores collaborative developments between public and private sectors in hardware (electric and autonomous vehicles) and software (AI-driven route optimization, user-centric apps, data analytics). Topics include seamless hardware-software integration for sustainable mobility, the impact of tech on urban planning, and the role of data-driven insights. Attendees gain valuable insights into the future of collaborative mobility services, focusing on building a connected and efficient transportation ecosystem.

7 themes

Shared & Public Transport
The future of shared and public transport envisions a seamless, interconnected network powered by technology. On-demand, electric, and autonomous vehicles will offer personalized, eco-friendly mobility options. Integration with smart city initiatives will enhance accessibility and convenience, making public transport a cornerstone of sustainable urban living.
Mobility Data & AI
Data and AI revolutionize mobility solutions deployment by providing real-time insights on traffic patterns, user behavior, and infrastructure. This information enables predictive maintenance, optimized routes, and demand-driven services, enhancing efficiency and reducing congestion. AI-driven algorithms can also aid in personalizing user experiences, making transportation more convenient and eco-friendly.
Autonomous Vehicles; technology, policy and business models
Autonomous vehicle technology advances rapidly with innovations in AI, sensors, and connectivity. Policymakers work on safety regulations and infrastructure adaptation. New business models emerge, including Robotaxis and autonomous fleet services, shaping a transformative industry that aims for safer, more efficient, and accessible transportation solutions.
Car Rentals & Subscriptions
With the reduction in car ownership gathering pace, car manufacturers and their retailers need to shift their business model. Car rental and subscription services are on the rise, but which service is the future, or do both have their place?
Last Mile Logistics
Sustainable and efficient last mile delivery is crucial for reducing environmental impact and enhancing customer satisfaction. Utilizing electric vehicles, optimizing delivery routes, and using automation can minimize carbon emissions. Smart technology and data analytics help streamline operations, ensuring timely, cost-effective, and eco-conscious deliveries.
MaaS, Ticketing & Payments
Simplifying the payment and ticketing experience will increase user adoption of public transport. How do we go about this? Offering seamless, multi-modal ticketing and payment options through mobile apps, reduces the hassle of managing multiple transport accounts. Studying user data to promote efficient journey solutions can also enhance convenience, encourages sustainable transit choices, and promotes efficient urban mobility systems.
Mobility in Cities
Innovative mobility solutions promise to transform urban transportation. Electric and autonomous vehicles reduce emissions and congestion, while bike-sharing and pedestrian-friendly infrastructure promote sustainable, healthy mobility. Data-driven systems optimize traffic flow and enhance public transit, creating a more efficient, accessible, and eco-friendly urban mobility landscape.