Autonomy Mobility World Expo 2024

Public decision makers & institutions

Mobility is at the heart of every region's concerns today. Join the world's largest carbon-free mobility network and develop the solutions of tomorrow.

AUTONOMY's Partnerships & Public Affairs department focuses on partnerships with the public sector at all levels of decision-making, to create a common synergy and co-construct the future of mobility. 

Empowering Sustainable Mobility

The evolution of sustainable mobility in all our territories (urban, peri-urban and rural) is at the center of our attention. Our ambition is to understand conurbations and the expression of their needs in terms of mobility, in order to put them in touch with our partners who are best placed to provide solutions.

Unlock Your Participation in AUTONOMY MOBILITY WORLD EXPO

As a member of the AUTONOMY network, you can take advantage of various options to take part in our annual AUTONOMY MOBILITY WORLD EXPO, which brings together the key players in sustainable mobility in France, Europe and the rest of the world. Decarbonizing our mobility will inevitably require the convergence of public and private forces. This is what we believe in, and what AMWE is all about.