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Avi Feldman

Mobilion Ventures

Managing Partner


Avi, a seasoned Incubation & VC executive and the Founding & Managing Partner of Mobilion Ventures, has over 20 years of experience In venture capital, innovation, business development and international cooperation. Avi brings expertise in scouting, investment & Portfolio management with strong focus on early-stage smart mobility & green energy technologies. Few of Avi's portfolio companies Have made significate IPOs in the TASX – Electrion, Augwind, Chakratec, Blade ranger & Trucknet. Formerly, Avi was the CEO of Capital Nature, a leading investment company in Israel focused on incubating, funding and accelerating Early-stage ventures, in smart mobility & Green Energy. Capital Nature made 20 early-stage investments and was chartered by the State of Israel to operate the Israeli National Renewable Energy Tech- Center. Joining Capital Nature in 2012, Avi brought extensive Experience managing and funding programs in the public sector, and vast experience in leadership of entrepreneurship and startup Projects. Previously, Avi was the Founder and Director of the Regional Development Center at the Ministry of Economy and delegate to The OECD LEED Executive Committee. Avi served as Legal Advisor to the Chief Scientist and director at the Governmental Start-Up Fund and the Israeli Industry Center for R&D. Avi holds a LL.M. from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and EMPA from Syracuse University, NY with Fulbright scholarship.

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