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Can the knowledge about the battery State of Health foster the acceptance of electric vehicles?

Mar 23, 2023 | 10:55 AM CET - 11:10 AM CET

Agora 2


To foster the acceptance of used electric vehicles and to support our partners in the successful transition towards carbon neutral fleets and mobility, the possibility to understand the ageing of traction batteries and the influence on the residual value is crucial. Given that fact, the society is facing one of the biggest transformations of mobility, and the knowledge we all have gained throughout the last decades is not entirely valid anymore. We are facing restraints: We are facing restraints of buying a used electric vehicle (EV), not only due to the changes in terms of re-“fuelling”. We are also facing restraints as the new energy source is forcing us to re-think experiences we made over decades, and which are sometimes inherited, like the classical mileage-quality relation of cars with internal combustion engines, nevertheless if it is Diesel or petrol. Given the high number of uncertainties, the acceptance of used electric vehicles highly depends on the trust of private individuals in the second and third lifecycle. To foster this adoption, a clear and transparent communication of the battery conditions is crucial. On the one hand, to find acceptance of the buyers to purchase a used EV, but also to protect the residual values of these cars. Therefore, DEKRA developed a test which states the State of Health of the battery within only 15 minutes.

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