Autonomy Mobility World Expo

Sustainable Mobility Society

Mar 22, 2023 | 2:00 PM CET - 2:15 PM CET

Agora 1


Creating the future of mobility is a challenge that affects our entire society because it was the century long history of our society using fossil fuels, which created environmental pollution and climate change. Technology plays an important role in reversing these negative effects. Although mobility is shaped by different parameters: demography, legislation, infrastructure, income, and many more - through technology we are capable of shaping a cleaner and smarter future. Changing the behavior of society in terms of mobility is often accompanied by negative or positive measures motivating users to avoid or seek certain means of mobility like buying battery electric vehicles or using public transportation. Many times resulting in a plethora of rules and regulations. Is it possible to create an inherent motivation for our society to contribute to a better future instead of using highly regulated educational approaches? Valtech was established in 1993, its name derived from the slogan “Value through Technology”, and this is more true than ever.  It is possible to create technology, which is smart, as well as easy and exciting to use and at the same time contributing to a clean and sustainable future and keeping us mobile in an attractive way, irrespective of the means of transportation we are choosing.

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