Autonomy Mobility World Expo

The Circular Economy: an Imperative for Decarbonizing Mobility

Mar 23, 2023 | 2:00 PM CET - 2:15 PM CET


The criticality of materials could be multiplied by 16 by 2050... this is what INEC warns in its publication "National Low Carbon Strategy under resource constraints" produced with Capgemini. This study quantifies the natural resources needed for the low-carbon transition and makes a clear observation: without taking into account the resource issues, the low-carbon transition as currently planned by France is not realistic. As we all know, the low-carbon transition of the mobility sector is nevertheless necessary to meet today's challenges. The optimisation of material supplies, the reuse of parts on a territorial scale, the extension of the useful life of vehicles... are all levers of the circular economy that need to be put in place for a successful low-carbon transition.

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