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BUS2BUS ROADSHOW: Seamless Shared Mobility

Mar 23, 2023 | 12:05 PM CET - 12:35 PM CET

Agora 1


The BUS2BUS Roadshow 2023 - France Edition will focus on the requirements of rural and urban mobility and infrastructure - and vice versa - by means of bus travel. With each new customer generation entering the mobility market, urban mobility is becoming more digital, sustainable and manageable. This is not yet reflected in transport of longer distance, as travel options differ predominantly in terms of price and routing. In addition, cities are even more defined by their region where mobility options become less frequent. In the era of greenwashing car-dominant travel patterns, bus operators must understand and integrate multimodal lifestyles and modes of transport in their travel offers for a seamless mobility experience from the countryside to urban centers. Only then, will bus (and train) prove a sustainable alternative and solution to long-established fossil, car-based mobility behaviors. In this Roadshow edition we will explore and answer the following questions/topics: • How will current passenger needs affect both urban and long-distance travel (which needs do they have in common, what differs and why). • How will urban mobility have to adapt to those needs? • What are the differences in long-distance requirements between France and Germany? • Is seamless mobility relevant for long-distance travel? • How do we close the imperfect travel chains of today? • What is the relevance of sustainability, design and digitalisation regarding long-distance travel? • How will urban infrastructure adapt when cities are interconnected more effectively by long-distance transport? • Do we need a new understanding of bus stops, especially by means of mobility hubs in the periphery and the city? • What sustainable mobility solutions/technology can be carried over from urban mobility to long distance travel and vice versa?

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