Autonomy Mobility World Expo 2024

20 March 2024 – From 10 am to 4 pm

Join Rail Europe at the Sustainable Rail Summit, an exclusive event that brings together industry leaders, innovators, and policymakers from the mobility and rail sector. This summit is dedicated to addressing the pivotal role of rail travel in creating a more sustainable future for European transportation.

Panel Discussions

Session 1  (11:00 - 11:45 AM)

Fulfilling the Growing Demand for Sustainable Rail Travel Across Europe

Topics: Discussing the challenges and solutions in meeting the increasing demand for sustainable rail travel. This includes expanding infrastructure, increasing train frequency, and introducing more travel options. 
  • What are the main barriers to scaling up rail infrastructure in Europe? 
  • How can rail operators effectively balance increasing demand with sustainable practices? 
  • What innovative approaches can be adopted to enhance train frequency without compromising environmental goals? 
  • In what ways can the rail industry collaborate to offer more diverse and sustainable travel options?

Session 2 (11:45 AM - 12:30 PM)

Navigating the Competitive Landscape in Rail Travel

Topics: A deep dive into the competitive dynamics of the rail industry. Panelists will discuss strategies for staying ahead in the market, collaboration opportunities, and the role of innovation in enhancing passenger experience. 
  • What strategies can rail companies adopt to stay competitive while prioritizing sustainability? 
  • How can collaboration between key players lead to a more cohesive and efficient rail network in Europe? 
  • What role does technological innovation play in improving the passenger experience in rail travel? 
  • Can competitive dynamics be aligned with environmental goals, and if so, how?

Session 3 (2:00 - 2:45 PM)

Building an End-to-End Journey for Greener Transportation

Topics: Addressing the customer's demand for greener modes of transportation. Integrating various modes of transport to create seamless, eco-friendly travel experiences. This panel will explore the challenges and potential solutions in creating end-to-end journeys that are both convenient and sustainable. 
  • What are the key challenges in creating integrated, sustainable travel experiences from start to finish? 
  • How can rail travel be effectively combined with other green modes of transport to meet customer expectations? 
  • What innovations are needed to make end-to-end green journeys a practical reality for the average traveler? 
  • How can customer feedback and data be used to improve and tailor sustainable travel solutions?

Who Should Attend?

✅ Industry Executives 
✅ Government Representatives 
✅ Policy Makers 
✅ Sustainable Mobility Advocates 
✅ Infrastructure Developers 
✅ Technology Innovators

Be a part of this groundbreaking event!

Join us in shaping a greener, more connected future for European rail travel. Your insights and participation are invaluable in this journey towards sustainable mobility.