Autonomy Mobility World Expo

Governments & Institutions

Lead the discussion at Autonomy Mobility World Expo 2023

The Partnerships & Public Affairs Department

The Partnerships & Public Affairs Department of AUTONOMY focuses on partnerships with the public sector (all levels of government, government agencies and other entities) as well as with the third sector (NGOs, NPOs, associations). 

Pushing the evolution of sustainable urban mobility forward, our cities are the focus of our attention. 

Our goal is to match-make cities and other actors of our global network based on the demand cities express and on the offer our network partners propose.

How to Get Involved with AMWE for 2023

When you’re part of the AUTONOMY Network, you can benefit from different options of how to contribute to our annual trade show AUTONOMY MOBILITY WORLD EXPO. 
  • Possibility of a speaking opportunity at CITY VOICES 
  • Refined networking and match-making, 
  • Networking Meetings,
  • Delegation Tour of the event (also possible without a partnership!), 
  • Possibility to organise a workshop at the event, 
  • Possibility of organising a field trip or site visit, 
  • Dedicated program for cities - CITY VOICES  (offer for Cities only), 
  • Possibility to showcase projects on the City Walls (offer for Cities only), 
  • Possibility to have a booth representing the City/Region/Metropolitan area (offer for Cities only), 
  • Possibility to be interviewed by the media (offer for Cities only). 

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