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Tim Asperges

City of Leuven

Advisor mobility


Tim Asperges – expert advisor mobility policy city of Leuven (B) He is urban planner with expertise in urban mobility for more than 20 years. Since 2014 he is working as expert advisor for the city of Leuven. Before his was director of the consultancy Timenco and he worked as a researcher/lecturer for the Institute for mobility of the Hasselt University. For the periode 2022-2023 Leuven is president of the POLIS cities and regions network. Tim is one of the architects of the ambitious mobility plan of Leuven which transformed the city in the Belgian cycling city number one. He initiated different EU-projects which focus on new mobility services (e.g. e-HUB project), data-collection/ modelling and citizens involvement. For his overall approach as a bridge builder in mobility planning he was rewarded as ‘mobility personality of the year’ in Belgium in 2019.